Company Profile

THISA ELEVATOR & ESCALATOR having experience and knowledge in Elevator sector since 2007; continuously developing and growing; following the technology and elevator sector closely and providing contribution to developing of the sector; keeping forefront the quality is active in sales and export of packet elevator. Its primarily export areas are Middle East, North Africa, Asia and European Countries. It is also progressing its cooperation with its customers from those regions. 

Our Vision

To be known company in all national and international markets, to create solutions to problems of our customers and our suppliers,  to develop through keeping our ethic values in changing world conjuncture, to be and to stay leader at elevator sector are vision of THISA ELEVATOR & ESCALATOR.

Our Mission

To find solutions to all sector problems, to make our customers having more quality, productive and high technology products  are mission of  THISA ELEVATOR & ESCALATOR as a firm.

Quality Policy

THISA ELEVATOR & ESCALATOR, performs its activities in the frame of its work ethic in all of its production phases, and follows all innovations, continues developing and customer satisfaction. It’s target is developing its product and service quality, providing quality, price, customer satisfaction and to be reliable. It is essential to provide organization philosophy conscious, personal and professional education, personnel satisfaction to upgrade quality. Our main objective is to be an environment friend company obeying to all local and national laws and regulations on elevator sector, and creating social benefit.

Our Certificates